Résumé for Thomas Wuttke:
     Palo Alto, CA 94303     Phone: (415) 370-7111
     Email: resume@twuttke.otherinbox.com

     12+ years professional c++ software design experience
     Extensive web devlepment experience small and large
     Extensive Multimedia experience, games, sound, video, animation
     Specialized in keeping source code simple, small, and fast
     In depth work on all levels of production, from drivers to UI
     Creative writer, problem solver, excellent design judgment
     Strong communicator with art and testing teams

     Twitter, Inc, San Francisco, CA
     UI Engineer

     Twitter.com old and new web site (Ruby on Rails, Javascript)

     Geo-location features in API, some backend work in scala

     MixerLabs, San Mateo, CA
     Server side engineer (Linux based), employee #4 of startup

     Python and MySql based web site for diplaying school, hospital,
       business, and census data for US cities
     Developed templates for generating top lists for cities and states

     UI front end work (Javascript, Django, Python)       Thread based messaging system
       Login dialogs, sign-ups, captchas, email mass mailings with opt-out
       Wiki editor, image uploading, browsing from flickr

     GeoApi service
       Real time worldwide location based weather streaming

     Google, Mountain View, CA  
     Google UI Engineer for Windows Clients
     Google Toolbar for IE & Firefox (3rd, 4th, 5th generation)
       Integrated Google Gadgets into the toolbar
       Designer and owner of custom buttons feature: XML file format,
         API documentation, RSS & Atom feed reader
       Added Windows Vista low integrity support	   
       Reworked all drawing code to use alpha blending
       Updated options to be easier and promote feature discovery
     Engineering contact with user support to fix bugs in the field
     Interviewed over 200 candidates for QA and Engineering
     Recevied EMG award for UI work on strategic project
     Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Foster City, CA  
     Playstation 2 NextGen Console, Senior Multimedia Engineer

     PSX - Japanese DVD writer/PVR/PhotoViewer/MusicPlayer
     Worked on a small team developing the next Playstation 2
       Multimedia Interface and core music player subsystems
     Multimedia Codecs, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 video, MP3, OGG Vorbis
       Redbook audio cd player, memory stick, ATRAC, PSS
     Conceived and coded all visualizers in music player for PSX
     Designed high speed audio resampler for use on the EE core
     Implemented sample accurate metadata buffering system 
     Wrote high performance red/black tree-based database engine for
       registry and metadata for a large music library -- journaling
       and transaction based with monitor callbacks and block caching
     Created simple DRM encryption system
     Created efficient XML DOM storage - 1 malloc for entire tree, fast
     Created a PNG based real time pc desktop to ps2 art preview tool
     Worked with Performance Analyzer, ProDG tools, Cygnus compiler
     Interacted with PS2 core library teams in Japan
     Liberate Technologies, San Carlos, CA - http://liberate.com
     Senior Interactive Television platform software engineer

     Customized Macromedia Flash 5.0 directly into two products 
     optimizing low memory usage, stability, and performance
     Modified Flash rasterizer for flicker-free display on PAL TV
     Wrote sound mixer to merge several sources of playback streams
     Worked with TV Guide to port Electronic Program Guide to Flash
     Researched alternative AWT rendering options for Java engine 
     Maintained a layout engine, based on Mozilla, to reflow html in 
       a narrow TV screen window: table balancing, scaling, wrapping 

     Multimedia Engineer, AOL-TV
     Drawing and user interface widget debugging, multiple threads

     Engineer on Nintendo 64 Japanese HTML browser, $500k contract
     Maintained a Win32 based file image editor for N64 Data Drive
     Assisted Nintendo in Japan to fix a bug in their disk drivers
     Integrated a proprietary video encoder for the N64 DSP
     Wrote 2-D Graphics Accelerator interface for N64 for blits, scrolls
     Designed a YIQ video filter to reduce chroma-crawl in video images 
     Customized the filter to run directly on the N64 DSP coprocessor
     Wrote Kanji word-wrapping and encoding detection logic

     Berkeley Systems, Berkeley, CA
     Makers of You Don't Know Jack, After Dark Screen Savers, etc

     Technical Lead, "You Don't Know Jack" (version 1.0) Mac/Windows/Win32
     Shipped on time, 6 months from start to finish
     Designed from scratch all game technology, including the app framework 
     Wrote fast layered sprite system + rectangle collapsing optimization 
     Designer of 16 bit WAVE audio mixer with real time ADPCM decompression 
     Wrote art exporting tools, defined file formats, trained artists 
     Built a memory/resource tracking system in the debug version 
     Wrote high speed stretch blitter for stretching true type fonts 
     Wrote text parser for allowing misspellings and typos in user input 
     CD-Rom loading and seeking profilers and optimization 
     Wrote text word wrapping and text animation system 

     Technology Engineer, "You Don't Know Jack, Volume II" 
     Wrote art-based anti-aliased font engine and kerning system 
     Rewrote art exporting system to be more efficient 
     Designed and Optimized LZS decompression in 16/32bit Intel assembly 

     Technology Engineer, "You Don't Know Jack, the NetShow" 
     Wrote tools to compress/decompress MPEG and TrueSpeech audio 
     Integrated compression into the real-time audio mixer 
     Wrote from scratch a baseline JPEG reader, runs twice as fast 

     Prototype Engineer, future products 
     3-D multiplayer live action game with spatial distortions 
     Rewrite of all game technology for Win32
     Wrote standalone Win32 debug message logging application 

     Technical Lead, "Looney Tunes Screen Saver" (Mac/Windows) 
     Shipped on time, 5 months from start 
     Wrote reusable character sprite animation logic for linking 
       behaviors with relative motion 
     Wrote "Bugs Bunny", ","Pepe LePew", and "Acme" screen saver modules 
     Optimized production tools and build process 
     Trained two new engineers 

     Technical Lead, "Simpsons Screen Saver" (Mac/Windows) 
     Shipped on time, 6 months from start 
     Wrote "Itchy + Scratchy", "Homer", and the "Chalkboard" screen savers
     Maintained animation technology and build/release system 

     Build system engineer, "Disney Screen Saver"
     Fireplace screen saver, "After Dark 4.0"

     Zefiro Acoustics, Irvine, CA
     Lossless audio to/from DAT on PCs - http://zefiro.com

     Developed WAVE drivers for two digital audio cards, one 
       with a programmable DSP chip that can do real-time resampling 
     Real time waveform display, S/PDIF subcode and start-ID generation 
     Wrote VxDs to interact with DMA at a hardware level 
     Wrote Plug-n-Play VxDs for the Win95 driver model 
     Wrote WinNT kernel mode driver and user mode driver 
     Wrote Win32 tray app to show status, allow on-the-fly configuration 

     Micrografx, Dallas, TX
     Windows drawing and image publishing software

     User Interface Engineer, "Kodak Color Sense" color correction
     Wrote control panel applet for hardware monitor calibration device 
     Wrote TIFF image reader to interpret an image to calibrate scanners 
     Assisted "Designer 4.0" team in debugging

     University of Wisconsin, Madison Materials Science and Metallurgy Dept.
     Scientific Research Software Engineer assisting graduate students

     Designer/coder of Windows scientific analysis software "CoolWind" 
     Real time data acquisition + critical point analysis of cooling curves
     Featured real time zooming and scalable graphs
     Equation fitting tools, including convolution and gradient
     Designer/coder of DOS based graphics publishing software "MaxPlot"
     Contained recursive stack based equation display on plotters

     Microsoft, Redmond, WA
     Software Design Engineer - Internship

     Designed a virtual file system to store directories in a single file 
     System needed to be robust enough to survive a power failure

Freeware developed on own time:
     DslMon - Perl script for Linux, restarts DSL modem when net goes down

     Atomic Time - internet atomic clock synchronizer program with source 

     NagMe - visual basic program that plays sequential audio samples at 
     specified times to nag me to "go to class in ten minutes..." 

     Snowball Fight - award-winning multiplayer arcade style game 
     Written 100% in 6502 assembly language for Atari 8-bit computers. 

     B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics
     Three majors in only four years (fall of 88 - Spring of 92)
     University of Wisconsin, Madison  GPA: 3.325   Dean's List
     President of Engineering Fraternity, Sigma Phi Delta 
     Various Scholarships, awards, etc...